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All bookings require 25% non-refundable deposits.

Rules & Expectations


Good hygiene is a must. Showers are mandatory for everyone on arrival regardless of how long ago you previously showered.

For outcalls, it is expected you have showered before my arrival or I will require you to shower once I arrive.

Please ensure teeth are brushed and use mouthwash

Please provide me with my donation at the beginning of our appointment. Do not make me request the donation.

This donation is made in exchange for my time and companionship and is not connected to any services provided.

Services offered are at my discretion and I reserve the right to refuse services I am not comfortable providing.

In lieu of a review, please consider sending me an email I can share (without personal information) as a testimonial. If you would like to review our time together I ask that certain details (ie. services provided) be kept private.

Reviews are a great way for potential clients to learn about me and what to expect in terms of my personality, reliability and the quality of our time together. If you would like to share intimate details of our time, please do not do so on the internet.

Photographs & Personal Information:
Please do not ask to take photos of me or for my personal information (e. my real name). The answer will be no and always no.

My privacy and security are of the utmost importance to me, I respect your information and ask that you do the same for me. Clients who continue to push this boundary will have their booking terminated without compensation and will not be given the
chance to book again.

Alcohol & Drugs:
I enjoy sharing a drink with clients and am delighted when receiving alcoholic gifts, but please ensure these bottles are sealed.

I will never drink to the point of intoxication with a client and ask that you both arrive and remain sober.

Clients who arrive intoxicated will have their booking canceled and will be subject to a cancellation fee. I do not partake in drugs of any sort but respect and support those who use legal substances.

Once again, ensure that you are not intoxicated or you risk having your booking canceled and incurring a cancellation fee.

If you plan on consuming alcohol or drugs please ensure you have arranged adequate transportation.

Please treat me with respect during the booking process and our appointment.

I have zero tolerance for bullying, intimidation, and rudeness.

My goal during our time together is to make you feel comfortable and to please you, therefore please communicate during our time together if there is anything I can be doing to achieve this goal.

I am not here to judge and am very responsive to communication delivered in a respectful manner.

Please respect our time together and do not overstay our appointment without discussing and compensating for additional time.

Life happens and sometimes things don't go as planned. I get that and understand that sometimes you need to cancel. If you must cancel without proof of injury/ accident/ emergency the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Less Than 6 Hrs Notice: Total Compensation

  • 6-12 Hrs Notice: 50% of fee

  • 12- 24 Hrs Notice: 25% of fee

  • More than 24 Hours Notice: An Apology

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak I am currently not accepting bookings. Thank you for your interest and I hope to meet once this situation is resolved

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